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Russell Wayne: Thanks! Oct 9, 2021 14:49:25 GMT
Shaun Hart: The deadline has passed. Oct 10, 2021 23:01:12 GMT
Osh Vaughan: iiw-efed.com/index.php?mod=static&action=view&id=75 - Results Up Oct 12, 2021 18:26:21 GMT
Osh Vaughan: Mayhem Results up on Main site Nov 1, 2021 13:25:57 GMT
Shaun Hart: New Mayhem Card Up: iiwefed.boards.net/thread/916/iiw-presents-monday-night-mayhem Nov 1, 2021 14:33:11 GMT
Shaun Hart: RP DEADLINE FOR MAYHEM IS 11/21/21 @ 11:59 PM BST or 6:59 pm EST. ALL SEGMENTS must be turned in to Osh by the 11/21.
Nov 1, 2021 14:34:19 GMT
Solace Tatum: RULE CHANGE FOR FIRST CLASS. This is your official notice... you will find updated RP RULES within the current card/matches. Thank you. Nov 1, 2021 20:23:32 GMT
Solace Tatum: SOFT DEADLINE IS 11:59 PM EST, TONIGHT! Nov 20, 2021 15:26:58 GMT
Osh Vaughan: Mayhem Results and PPV Card now live Nov 24, 2021 23:30:36 GMT
Russell Wayne: Red Alert Deadline has passed! Dec 12, 2021 0:49:00 GMT
Osh Vaughan: Results for Red Alert Up - iiw-efed.com/index.php?mod=static&action=view&id=79 Dec 13, 2021 2:05:40 GMT
Osh Vaughan: Hoep everyones doing well over the Xmas/New Years Break - loads of new talent is arriving for 2022 - Everything is looking good... Remember to jump on the Discord if you have it :) It's where all the fun happens Dec 22, 2021 18:35:39 GMT
Russell Wayne: Remember everyone, as long as you try your best, there are no losers but only winners! #positivity #teamfriendship Dec 23, 2021 19:34:56 GMT
Shaun Hart: New Mayhem Card Up iiwefed.boards.net/thread/987/iiw-presents-monday-night-mayhem RP DEADLINE: 01/16/22 @ 11:59 PM BST or 6:59 pm EST. Dec 24, 2021 20:42:01 GMT
Ethan Rivers: Happy Holidays IIW Dec 25, 2021 22:49:28 GMT
Shaun Hart: New IIW Podcast out for the Mayhem Top Ten anchor.fm/iiwu2019s-hollywood-reporter-shaun-hart/episodes/The-Hollywood-Reporter-Top-Ten-is-Back-featuring-Ste-Davis-and-Legendary-Jake-E-Dangersouly-e1cd8ho Jan 1, 2022 23:31:24 GMT
Osh Vaughan: 35 mins to go Jan 16, 2022 23:24:31 GMT
Osh Vaughan: and passed Jan 17, 2022 0:33:02 GMT
Osh Vaughan: Results up main website Jan 18, 2022 1:00:04 GMT
Crush: That's cool. I have plenty of sample roleplays if you wanted to read one to get a gist of how i portray my character. We can do an unveiling. Announce why i'm here and then go from there on whoever comes out. I'm interested to see how i match up against th Jan 24, 2022 4:00:58 GMT